5 of the Best Image Stitching & Long Screenshot Apps

We took a deep dive into Google Play and tested all the image stitching apps we could find. Inbetween lot’s of half baked stuff we found 5 apps that deserve your attention.


LongShot is a US developed app featuring 3 different functions: taking screenshots, capturing webpages & horizontal/vertical image stitching.

The capture functions have an auto and manual mode, though in our testing auto scroll did not work great, it kept telling ‘scroll has failed, use the manual modus, it makes this feature pointless.

Manual capturing worked well, it has settings we did not find in the other apps like sew adjustment, merge overlap and divider line width. A serious disadvantage however is it only works with images of the same width, so for now it’s a nice app to join schreenshots. We included this app because we know it’s still in development and it’s an interesting ap to follow.

Overall, LongShot is a solid screenshot joiner. It has a well designed native image selector and chosing images is easy. The app gives users everything they need to join and it doesn’t bombard them with ads in the process. It just needs some work on correcting the auto-capture issue and better handling of different image sizes and all of the features will be working just fine. LongShot has a bottom banner ad that can be removed with a one-time fee of $1.99.

Screenshot Join

Screenshot Join is an Indian app that only allows for stitching two images together, opposed to other apps that can handle many images. It includes an editor for merging, as well as an experimental website capture function.

After selecting 2 images you can choose a vertical or horizontal merge, in the next window you can eventually add some overlap by moving the images, press save and it’s done.

The website capture feature works well and had no issues, though the developer encourages users to report any bugs or issues they have found with the feature. There is a history function with unclear benefits.

Screenshot Join is a solid screenshot merger – though it only works with two images. It’s easy to learn, and the website capture works very well. There are banner ads and a full screen ad after most image stitches, removing them is a one-time fee of $1.49.

Stich & Share

Stich & Share is a Netherlands developed app featuring automatic screenshot capture as well as standard image merging.

We tested automatic capture to be a little buggy – it would randomly stop capturing and be done. Gallery screenshots must be merged manually, but the feature works fine. This combiner also has a feature for painting horizontal colored lines on the image, if you want to highlight or underline text.

A serious disadvantage of Stitch & Share is the limitation to the phones default image selector, which can make finding photos hard or even impossible on some devices. On my new Samsung Note 5 it makes the app basically useless.

Stitch and Share’s image combination features work well, and the automatic capture is a great thing to have once you get the hang of it, but the image selecting issue, watermarks and locked colors without premium may hold some of you back from getting this one.

Scroll Capture

Scroll Capture is an app designed for capturing an entire mobile web page in one press, and that’s all. After about a 1.11mb download, the app will take users to the main page to choose quality settings.

The process is very simple. Type in the website you want to capture in the search bar and tap the magnifying glass. When the website loads, tap the capture button and it will capture. Tap the gear to change quality of the image.

Overall, the app is a great one-trick pony that you should know about. It captures websites just fine and the UI is very simple.

Image Combiner

Image Combiner allows you to combine as many images as you want, which is it’s one standout feature. It is about a 2.50 mb download. It has the basic combining features you would expect otherwise.

Image stitching works very well. The unlimited number of images works great due to drag and drop organization. You can rotate images, and individually chose output quality. The resizer lets you to put the images at full size, or to add in margins for ones that may not fit the width of the device. This is the best app for combining images of different sizes

When saving the photo, Image Combiner will allow you to choose a name, but not where they want to save the image. It instead creates it’s own folder to put them which may be off putting to some. Image Combiner has almost constant banner ads at the bottom of the screen, but they are fairly non-intrusive.

Overall, Image Combiner’s stitch feature works great probably the best of all. It allows for many photos at once, sorting through them, and it doesn’t bombard users with ads. The UI is a bit strange however, and the missing image path setting could turn some users off. The developers planned a complete redesign of the app though.
Each of these apps provides a useful feature for users. Some are cleaner and run better than others, but we hope that these reviews help you decide which app is best for you, enjoy! 🙂

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  1. This is pretty cool – I’ve always stitched images together manually the few times I’ve had to take multiple screenshots.