5 of the Best Weather Apps for Android

There are tons of weather apps on the Play Store of varying quality. We made sure to pick out the best ones for our viewers. The first three are our top picks with the bottom two being honorable mentions.

Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is a fully featured weather app for immediate access to data. While it isn’t free – $1.49 on Google Play – the straightforward information and variety of widgets are worth the price.

Weather Timeline gives users weekly and hourly widgets to place on their home screen, as well as status bars that provide current, hourly, and weekly weather. The app is organized in a block format, providing basic data. Tapping the block provides users with an extended forecast in the form of a timeline.

A Time Machine component provides users with the ability to search through historical weather records or predictions years into the future for any location.

The interface of Weather Timeline is top-notch. It is designed like a Twitter or Facebook timeline, so it should come naturally to any user. The blocks change color based on the type of weather, and forecasts are connected through lines with weather alerts and precipitation updates embedded in-between each block.

A strange omission from Weather Timeline is the otherwise common minute-cast, only hourly, weekly, and daily forecasts. Though with the rain notifications and update features that shouldn’t be much of a problem. get


  • Great widget variety
  • Block format is brilliant
  • Lots of customization


  • No minute cast
  • No free version


eWeather is an app for Android and iOS users who want to go as in-depth as possible into their forecast. For $5.00 purchasers are getting tools like hurricane tracking, earthquake warnings and probability, air quality, black ice warnings, a barometer with a headache indicator, and tons more alongside normal weather features.

The app has a weekly and hourly widget, as well as status bars that provide current hourly, weekly, or current weather. eWeather is missing a minute-cast, but it provides customizable notifications for any form of precipitation. Widgets for radar, time, moon phases, barometer, geomagnetic index, and UV index are also available.

Opening the app brings users to an analog clock that shows the degree amount for each hour in a 12 hour period as well as a visual icon. These options are customizable per each hour segment, changing to show humidity, wind, UV, and a few other options.

A user on a mobile device will have to swipe through the different pages to see all of the information, but a tablet user will have everything right in front of them on one screen – a great touch.

The reason eWeather is in the second spot despite all of it’s features is because it gives so much information that the casual user will not need. A user who just wants their general weather updates and notifications will be better off with one of these other apps, while those who want all possible detail on their weather should check this one out. Especially since there is a rather high learning curve in addition to the $5.00 asking price. Google Play, iTunes

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4.The developer will activate Animated Weather Map for free.


  • The most full-featured app on the Play Store
  • All sorts of detail for weatherheads


  • Steep learning curve
  • No minute cast


Morecast is a feature-heavy weather app with integrated social media. The app houses basic information such as 3, 7, and 14 day forecasts, current temperature and precipitation, as well as graphs showcasing wind, precipitation, temperature changes, and more throughout the day.

Multiple widgets come with Morecast, as well as a status bar widget with the temp/precipitation for the next four hours. There is a radar as well as access to webcams in all different areas for video viewing. Morecast includes a social media community where users are encouraged to post and comment on photos near their area or around the world.

Forecast comparisons in different locations are also available in the form of 24 hours, 3, 7, or 14 day forecasts. Any information in words and numbers can also be shown in graphs. There is also a navigation feature that shows users the weather when getting from Point A to Point B, as well as at any stops they may make in-between.

Users can customize both the time and the location of any weather update push notifications. Morecast’s Play Store page says that it is ad-supported, though I have not seen a single ad in my usage, so they must be fairly unintrusive. get


  • Well-designed, clear information
  • Community features
  • Free version with unintrusive ads


  • Like most of these apps, no minute cast

Honorable Mentions

1 Weather

1 Weather provides users with the current temperature, real feel, and other basic information right on the opening screen. It features tabs for different lengths of forecast, chance of precipitation per day, a weather radar and the timings of sun/moon set times.

There are home screen widgets of varying sizes and information available for free, as well as a constant status bar widget, though the app is ad-supported. It also features a few extra additions like videos and random weather tips, but for those who just want basic information, 1 Weather will provide that. get

Weather Live

Weather Live is an app that provides features such as real feel, temperature, chance of precipitation, sunrise and sunset, air pressure, among other data. The app has a ton of customization such as choice between units of measurement, clock formatting, update rates, the layout and order of information, and quite a bit more.

The initial app is free, and has weekly and hourly widgets as well as a constant status bar updater. The free version has random ad-pop ups as well as a required watch when trying to access the radar, but a premium upgrade only costs $0.99.

Overall a fully functional and useful app with a cheap buy-in for premium. get

We hope that these reviews help you decide which app is best for you. Do you use any of these apps? Are there weather apps that you think should have been included on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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