ShowBox – Your Best Bet For Movie Streaming

ShowBox is one of the best content streaming apps for Android.

Logging into ShowBox, I was unsure of what I was going to get – movie streaming apps can be known to have terrible quality streams. Luckily for me (and you, since you’re reading this), ShowBox stands against that stereotype and proves to provide me with high quality tv shows and movies a lot of the time.

Finding 1080p content is somewhat rare, but it is safe to assume that the content you are looking for will be in 720p which is great. The movies and trailers come from VK, Moonwalk etc. in full length and multi-part streams, so buffering is usually a non-issue, and there is a large variation of content on there. The content is also available to download via torrents, so do with that what you will. If the content is downloaded, your phone will use the default player, however you can tell the app to use any player of your choosing, assuming it is downloaded on your device.

Also a nice feature to have is the fleshing out sorting system ShowBox provides it’s users with. You can sort your searches by date added, name, rating, the IMDB rating, genre, or year. Unsure as to what sort of movie you want to watch? The app has you covered whether you have a general idea of what you want, or if you are looking to go completely random. A favorites section is also built-in to the app which is nice when you just want to relax and jump right into your favorite stream.

ShowBox official APK Android iOS free movies app Freakingtech

If you want subtitles with your films and shows, you will need to register for an account at Opensubtitles, which doesn’t take long at all, however it is important to note that you will have to choose to go through and choose the subtitles you want each time you switch streams.

ShowBox also has it’s own news and trailers sections which is great for users who like to keep up with the news on their favorite actors and franchises, as well as for movie buffs to keep their knowledge up to snuff on all things film.

A cool bonus to the app is that it supports Chromecast whether or not the file is downloaded. In order to take advantage of this feature, your phone must have an app that supports casting, and then once you click “Watch Now”, there will be an option to cast the movie to your Chromecast. Great for settling in with a group to watch something.

ShowBox official Review APK Android iOS free movies app Freakingtech

It would be a shame not to mention how intuitive the user interface is for the app as well. The simple yet great choice of white text on a grayish black background, with yellow highlight on selection has the UI freak in me excited. Selecting movies and shows feels natural, plus I get to look at all of the beautiful artwork that each movie was marketed with. I never had trouble finding anything I was looking for with ShowBox.

When I want to stream a movie or tv show, whether it be to my phone or to my television, ShowBox is always going to be one of my top go to apps. The UI is slick, streams aren’t pixellated as all hell, and the app just works. It’s refreshing, really.

Get the official ShowBox APK here at (APK Mirror).

Note: Never download unofficial APK’s from shady blogs with names like showboxappdownload, showboxdownloadmovies, showboxapk or newshowbox etc. that’s asking for problems. only links to official sources.

For eventual questions regarding installing and use, feel free to post as comment below. Enjoy!


  • Beautiful UI
  • Streams are good quality
  • Chromecast support
  • Film/TV News built-in
  • Sort feature is unmatched


  • Occasional unskippable ads
  • Subtitles require an external account, which can be a deal breaker for some

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