Calling all app developers! We are, and we want to promote your app!

Droidadvisor-com is a new and fast-growing blog that specializes in app/software reviews and more! We are looking for brand new exciting apps to test out and review. By sending us your apps, they will be promoted to tons of new potential users! Also, this will open up the opportunity for continuous promotion. Send us a message each time you release an big update or create a promotion, and we will put you back on the front page!

You scratch our backs, we scratch yours. For promoting your app, we only ask for one thing in return – to share a link to our website via your social media! Promotion for promotion seems fair, right?

Note: In order to build a brand of trust, we will only publish apps that we think are worth sharing. Submitting an app does not guarantee promotion, so please put forth your best effort as to not waste the time of either party.

If we end up promoting you, here are some tips to stand out to our readers:

  • On your promo page, you could offer our readers discount codes to any paid services within your app.
  • Make sure to come back to the page often in order to communicate with any commenting readers – direct interaction is best!
  • Ensure that your app puts the customer first, and it will be sure to stand out on it’s own!

We are looking forward to seeing your submissions.

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