Friendly for Facebook – Great alternative to the standard Facebook app

Friendly For Facebook is a smaller and feature-heavy alternative to the standard Facebook app.

Friendly for Facebook -Android and iPhone- is an American app designed to replace the standard Facebook and Messenger apps. It allows users to customize their News Feed, quickly switch between accounts, and passcode lock their account among other things. After a 11.05 mb download, the app launches directly into a tutorial as well as allows users to select their customization settings instantly.

Among those settings, some of the key ones involve ad-blocking, keyword searching and post hiding, passcode locks to your account, larger text, and even theme changing. Once these are selected, the user is taken to the main browsing page. You’ll notice it’s very similar to using the standard Facebook app, but with a few quality-of-life enhancements.

First off, there is a constant bubble in the bottom-right hand corner that offers users the option to switch accounts instantly, customize their feed filters, go instantly to settings, or to jump to the top of their feed. Also, at the top of their feed under the “Most Recent” section, users can access the major settings for their feed without having to search in the settings page itself – a welcome touch.

Messenger works the same as it does in the standard app, though it eliminates the need to have both the Facebook and Messenger apps, as Friendly puts them together into one smaller app. Notifications are also very similar, as is the menu bar.

Going into the full settings menu offers up the same settings seen at start-up, as well as a few extras such as blocking images and videos, send email via Facebook, and another spot to switch accounts from.

From my testing, the Keyword filters work great. I tested out the word “Trump” due to how much it shows up in my feed. It did exactly what was advertised – hid posts with the word “Trump” when asked to, as well as highlighted them when asked to.

Also, while every other feature in Friendly is free, the built-in ad blocker is 99 cents. While the app’s download page does say there are in-app purchases, these aren’t clarified and the description makes it seem that they are included for free with the other features.

Friendly advertises that it uses less battery life, storage, and data than the standard Facebook app. From my few hours of testing I have found this to be true. The standard app takes up 455 mb of storage, while Friendly takes up 49.53 mb. It seems to use about a third of the data the Facebook app uses on average. I only noticed a little change in battery performance, but that could be due to other reasons.

Overall, Friendly is a great alternative to the standard Facebook and Messenger apps. It offers quite a few quality-of-life features, puts two apps into one to save space, and heavily advertised Keyword Filters work great.

Any questions about the use or installation you can post in comments, or on the Facebook page.


  • Keyword Filters are great
  • Truly customizable as advertised
  • Account switching works well
  • Way smaller than the standard app


  • None found

Friendly for Facebook requires location, media, storage, and network permissions. It is an 11.05 mb download and takes up 49.53 mb after installation according to the LG G5 it was tested on.

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Download from Google Play, APK Mirror or iTunes
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  1. Friendly for Instagram is still lacking features (for Instagram and iOS). You can’t post pics yourself at all or reliably go to others’ IG pics to like or comment reliably. You also can’t send voice text messages on Facebook. It’s nice if you have multiple Facebook and Instagram pages to switch between and fingerprint and/or passcode lock them though.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Those are fair points. Unfortunately Instagram does not let third-party apps post photos, and Facebook Mobile does not support voice messages. We will look at the problem with comments / like on Instagram, this is something we should be able to fix.

  2. Hi, my main reason for downloading this app was to be able to download facebook videos to my camera roll but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that!

  3. I have huge problems with this app on my iPhone 6 Plus. It crashes and freezes constantly, navigation functionality is oftentimes weird and feels inconsistent, notifications are very sketchy, comments stay in the comment box when you hit submit (you have to refresh the page to see them) and it logs me out of my account almost every time I switch to another app temporarily. Oh and it also frequently switches my newsfeed from “most recent” to “top stories” and NOT doing this was the main reason I switched from the official Facebook app in the first place. Updates are rare, promise bug fixes and added stability but I’ve never seen an end to the crashes or unreliable notifications. I think I’m done with it until they can fix these problems.