Kate Mobile – Great Music Player Downloader For VKontakte

Kate Mobile the better VKontakte client that allows you to search, stream, and download music in high-quality to your mobile device.

Kate Mobile is a well designed third party client for Russian social networking site VKontakte. In contrast to the official VKontakte app, Kate Mobile boasts a far more advanced functionality, rich settings, and compares favorably in terms of performance, making the vast number of users prefer Kate Mobile. Here we focus on it’s great music search, play & download options using the enormous VK music database and an external download manager. Other than with eg. VK player/downloader Music Vibe, for Kate Mobile you need a VKontakte free account, but it gives interesting extra options.

Kate Mobile uses Advanced Download Manager or ADM which is available in the Google Play store, via a link within Kate Mobile. To search, play or download songs, go to “Profile” where you see your VKontakte profile options and for music go to “Audio”, this is where your personal playlist will appear. At the top you can search for music by artist, song or album. You can stream music and add to the online playlist, download locally, or share via other apps. For downloading press the song title and chose “Play with”, select ADM and you see various options including downloading, edit meta data and download configuration incl. number of threads.

The best part about the app is that most songs are available in high quality 320 kbit/s. There is another best part about this app, you can add a song to audio cache to make it available offline to listen later within the app. We are a fan of this simple music app and found every song we searched for. The app also gives users the option to show the bitrate of the track, or to view similar songs to the selection. And then you can search for videos, news and a lot more and further narrow down your search with various parameters. Sweet extra with ADM: simple copy the .mp3 source link to share via any chat app. (screenshot #6)

Kate Mobile is free and monetized by a fairly non-intrusive bottom banner and overall it’s a great app. The streams are high quality, the UI is good, the sharing features are brilliant, and the VK hosted collection is massive. As long as you are okay with creating a VKontakte account, Kate Mobile is the way to go. Any questions about the use or installation you can post in comments, or on our Facebook page.


  • High quality streams and download
  • Uses less mobile data when streaming
  • Very fast streaming/downloading
  • Songs can be saved in cache to play offline
  • Playlist creation

Download from the official website website. (The app is in English)
Spice up your Russian skills on the official Kate Mobile VK page and the user forum
Keep in mind that downloading can be a violation of copyrights

Other Android apps to listen and download music from VK are Fildo, Music Vibe and TinyTunes.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share!

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