Kivi Music – Play & Download YouTube Music Videos

Kivi Music is a brand new alternative YouTube player designed for playing music video’s, with downloading as extra option.

For many Android users any half decent alternative to the official YouTube app is a breath of fresh air, and a few stand out. Kivi Music -made in China- is one of them. As said it offers a download function, but other than eg. Videoder and SnapTube which are mainly made for downloading, Kivi makes browsing and playing music video’s a surprisingly fun experience, with autoplay and background play support.

The front page of the well designed interface has tabs for Trending, Genre and Artists, under Trending you find categories Popular this Week, 2017 Grammy Winners, Billboard and Top Singers. Genres offers 13 different main genres, varying from HipHop to HardRock and Classic to Meditation.

The menu gives access to current download activity, under menu item Music you find your playlists, audio and video downloads. Settings are limited to ‘allow mobile data’ and download quality high, medium or low.

Conclusion: Kivi Music 1.0.3 is a brand new under development, and may be not perfect yet, but with it’s simple but well designed UI it’s great for music browsing, playing and building locally stored playlists. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Updates 20/3/2017
– Switch between audio-only and video-only mode
– Use as local audioplayer


  • Great UI
  • Background play
  • Download option


  • No SD Card support
  • No horizontal modus
  • No full screen video

Note that downloading content from YouTube sometimes violates copyrights and can be illegal in your country.

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