Mobdro – Live TV Streaming With No Drawbacks

Mobdro is constantly searching the web for free video streams and making them accessible on your Android device.

Video streaming is one of the most common uses for mobile devices. Whether your thing is movies, tv shows, music videos, or anything in-between, it makes sense that you would want some of the best apps to serve your streaming needs.

Mobdro looks to take care of your Live TV desires, and was designed to provide to you basically any media that can be streamed. The app categorizes live News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Podcasts, and even more into a neat package. Designed around simplicity, the front page of the app lists to you the categories as well as recently viewed streams. Clicking on one of the categories takes you directly to a YouTube style list of content. A stream can be selected, shared, downloaded (upcoming premium only), or favorited from this screen.

Each category can also be sorted in alphabetical order, with a parental filter, or by twelve different languages varying from English to Italian to Turkish. Mobdro features a sidebar that allows you to check out your favorites, recently watched, or downloads in their own sections as well. The actual streams themselves load fairly quickly, and I experienced very little buffering even on a slower network connection. The basic features one would expect from a player are here, and I really have no issues with it.

Going into the settings section, it is nice to see that Mobdro allows for optional accelerated hardware decoding for those devices that can take advantage of it. For those of you who are a bit more secretive, here you can clear out your search history whenever you need or even make it so that Modbro never records any of that history so it doesn’t have to be worried about.

To me, one of the most important aspects in app design is the user interface. Modbro features an appealing red and black color scheme with white text throughout. It is simple yet effective, and nothing is hard to find as the sidebar has everything you need to find. Modbro doesn’t really have any menu-diving. Features are right up front for maximum ease-of-use.

It is important to note that this is a freemium version of the app. Most of the features are available to you, though there will be ads in the content feed as well as when a stream is loaded. There is an upcoming premium (2.99€ or $3.22 a year) that will allow for these ads to go away, and will add features like Chromecast support, stream downloading, a sleep timer, and cloud sharing. That seems like more than worth it, plus they plan on adding more such as notifications for live events and synchronization for favorites.

Overall, Modbro is a great app for anybodies streaming usage. The stream variety is there, as is the UI, the features, and the support. Using the app without premium is no problem, and deciding to upgrade to it is going to be unquestionably worth the value once it comes. Truly a quality app that will stand up to even the highest of standards.

Eventual questions about installing and use you can also post as comment below. Enjoy!


  • Gorgeous UI
  • Large variety of content
  • Quality-Of-Life additions
  • Freemium works great, Premium on it’s way


  • There are ads, but they are necessary for the app to run

You can download Mobdro or read the FAQ’s here or check out the official Facebook page.

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  1. Hi there:

    I just downloaded the Modbro version 2.0.52 and I get audio but no video. The Modbro website shows that many people have this issue and they say the fix is to go to Menu, then Settings, then Enable Hardware decoding and Disable this.

    Where is Enable Hardware decoding. I can’t find it anywhere.