Movie HD Lite – A Cleaned Up Version Of The Ad-Filled App

Movie HD Lite is a reworked ad-free version of Movie HD, though the app itself does nothing stand-out.

Ever heard of the streaming app Movie HD? If you have, you probably haven’t heard many good things about it. While the streaming and actual content within the app are fine, the baggage that comes with it is not.

In downloading Movie HD, users are forced to install an abysmal adware video player by the name of “VPlayer”. Let me tell you, VPlayer is not fun. Watching anything is sort of a pain, and honestly it’s hardly even a video player at all, rather a feature-lacking ad-pusher.

Luckily for us users, though, not all is lost. Thanks to the hard work of Redditor Riesdepies. He spent some time re-creating the app, but ad-free, as well as using less permissions and working on more Android devices than it’s ad-ridden predecessor and it goes by the name of Movie HD Lite.

It can be a bit tough to download – some of the servers are a bit unreliable and down a lot – and unless for some reason you are really dedicated to the app, there are better alternatives that don’t require as much work to get, such as Terrarium TV and ShowBox.

Movie HD Lite is perfectly functional, however. The app has a good variety of TV Shows and movies to watch. It categorizes it’s content by “Updated Shows/Movies”, “Popular”, “New” and “Rising”. Movie HD Lite also features a favorites tab for easy access to content that really strikes a chord with you. The streams are fairly reliable as well, with most of them being in 1080p or 720p and coming from Google servers. If needed, subtitles are available, but with a third party app download which may turn some users off.

The search function on Movie HD Lite is also fairly barebones, though it works when it needs to. It allows users to search by movie genre or by word. With an app that features as much content as this, it would greatly benefit from a more in-depth search function that allows users to limit by year, actor, or even multiple genres at once.

Movie HD Lite’s user-interface is passable, with a nice-yet-standard black background behind white text. The categories are easily found in the sidebar as well as the favorites, and the search function is at the top, always in view.

I would like to note that even though the app is fairly barebones, the fact that Riesdespies has gone through the work of making it ad-free for us is incredible. In fact, he is constantly creating ad-free versions of apps and sharing them to Reddit for us to take advantage of. Riesdespies even removed torrents from the popular ShowBox app due to peoples fear of them. It turns out that in among others Germany, torrenters are starting to become prosecuted, so it’s great that he is removing the chance of that happening. He has grown quite the fanbase due to his work, and he does it all for free.

Compared to other streaming apps out there, Movie HD Lite is… okay. It has everything that one would expect from a streaming app, but it doesn’t do it any better than other apps like the aforementioned Terrarium TV and ShowBox apps. Plus, those apps don’t have constant changes and updates unlike Movie HD Lite. Sometimes it’s nice just to have one constant version that works all the time. The Movie HD developer recently came with a clone called HD Cinema that does not require VPlayer.

Download Movie HD Lite for free Reddit/Moviedhlite


  • Varied content
  • Offers 3D movies
  • Almost always in HD
  • Decent UI design
  • Ad-free


  • Does nothing stand-out
  • Subtitles are third-party only
  • Downloading the app can be a hassle

Eventual questions about installing and use you can leave as comment below. Enjoy!

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