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MyRoutes is ideal for people who want a no-frills, no-nonsense GPS and navigation app that just works. It’s simple, easy-to-use and effective for everyone who likes going on exciting adventures by their own standards.

First impressions

The first impression that one can make upon seeing the MyRoutes app in the Google Play Store is that it’s adfree and does not include in app purchases. Whereas other navigation apps are either polluted with ads or offer their best functionality for a premium, MyRoutes offers everything for free. However, will we see that it is a much less incomplete and underdeveloped app or does it offer priceless comfort?

On the contrary, you will find that it offers a butter smooth experience, comes with loads of features and has simplicity in mind. For one, it installs rapidly without any problems and brings you straight to your location. Other apps aren’t as easy, they require too much user input before you can even start going. It’s ironic that these map apps slow you down instead of helping you go fast. That’s not a problem with MyRoutes.

What it does

MyRoutes lets you create any route you like. To do so, just look for the location you want to go to on the map, and tap it. You can add any number of waypoints and adjust the route by dragging the waypoints to the correct position. This gives you the opportunity to create your own running or hiking routes.

There are two possible settings to create route lines. Either it will snap to the road network or if the network is unavailable you can add straight lines and mimic your route. The snap to road function is essential and helps you bring you to your destination in the shortest possible way. This is dependent on which activity type you select. There are options for driving, cycling and walking or running.

My Routes Route Planner for Android and iOS - Droidadvisor

While building your own specific route the total distance and elevation will be visible. The elevation is displayed in a nice graph and shows the statistics, including total elevation, up and down. It can be adjusted to metric or imperial.

What’s nice about MyRoutes is that the map is very detailed. It shows you the terrains, and also the names and even addresses of buildings that you can encounter while travelling. This helps you to stick to the route and to not get lost.

More features

Another notable thing about MyRoutes is that you can save your routes from any device to your account. Apart from the Android version there is an iOS app and a website You can decide to make any of your routes available to other adventurers. A shareable link will be generated which is accessible through any mobile device and can be opened in the iOS or Android app.

If you own a gpx navigation system, you can export your route as a GPX file. On the other hand if you already have .gpx files you can import them and view or organize the routes you already have. A few running events like the Utrecht Marathon and Halve Marathon Oldenzaal, make use of MyRoutes.

The best part? The MyRoutes app and website are free, and there are no annoying ads.

What can be improved? It might help if there is a quick how-to given when the app is first opened, so the app’s powerful features can quickly be explained to users that are unfamiliar with mapping apps. There’s also no link to help articles inside the app.

  • Quick to install and load
  • Easy to use
  • Infinite waypoints, easy to adjust
  • Highly detailed maps, more than 10 different map styles
  • Export and import your favorite GPX files
  • Available for Android, iOS and web
  • (Ad)free
  • Should have a tutorial for users unfamiliar with maps
  • No help files inside the app


MyRoutes is a perfect GPS and navigation companion for adventurers who want to go their own way. It is as intuitive as Google Maps, while providing more information for travelling and creating specific segments. The overall aesthetics are pleasing. Just by the looks and feel you will become excited to start planning your next adventure.

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Open Source: No
  • File Size: 32.2MB
  • Permissions: OK
  • Responsive Dev: Yes
  • Notes: Needs internet access and GPS permission

MyRoutes app downloadDownload MyRoutes from Google Play or iTunes

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