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NEO Bookmark is an Android app for sorting bookmarks of your favorite websites, Twitter profiles etc. A very useful app that improves the way you surf the web.

The mobile app, developed by South Korean SeyeonSoft, has a very simple interface. The homepage shows your recently visited bookmarks. Tapping them opens the page in your default browser or preferred app eg. Twitter for Twitter links.

NEO Bookmark is made to sort bookmarks by categories. And you can group websites by topic like eg. ‘news’, ‘work’ or ‘social media’ etc.. The app had a built-in search function that helps find your desired bookmark faster.

This is extremely useful, because the category-sorting feature is not available in popular mobile browsers. If you have tens of bookmarks on your phone, you should find NEO Bookmark to be suprisingly useful.

It’s easy to fill the app with your bookmarks. On your chosen browser, just tap the Share button and choose Share to NEO Bookmark. You will then be asked to choose a category and give a name to your bookmark.

NEO Bookmarks Manager

There is no way to create a new category while saving a bookmark from inside the browser, so you have to create your categories inside NEO Bookmark beforehand. That’s a bit of a bummer, so we hope it can be added in future versions.

NEO Bookmark is a useful app that makes browsing more efficient.

There’s also a quicker way of adding your bookmarks, and that is by importing them from an HTML file. If you have bookmarks on your computer, you can save that file with a .html extension, add that to your phone and import them to NEO Bookmark.

In reverse, you can export your bookmarks in the app to an .html file so you can use them on your PC. There is also a feature that let you send your saved bookmarks to your friends, via email or any social sharing app like Messenger, Twitter or Viber.

You will discover that NEO Bookmark indeed is a very handy app, and you might not want to do without anymore.

Download here – NEO Bookmark Lite is free with ads at the screen bottom. There’s also the PRO version if you don’t want ads.

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  1. Nice article. I was using Pocket to save links. But I needed a simple app. Neo bookmark is perfect for me. Import/export bookmarks & backup/restore is very useful.