Omni Notes – Solid multifunctional note taking app

Omni Notes is a multifunctional note taking app for Android with a ton of options, including photo and checklist support.

At first impression, this Italy-made app looks solid and stylish, and it has more features than expected. This open source app is designed to help users take and organize notes on their mobile device. After about a 3.87 megabyte download, Omni Notes opens up to a quick showcase of it’s abilities before taking users to a blank screen used to store any taken notes.

There is a button on the bottom right hand corner for adding a new text note, checklist or photo, a sidebar for categorizing notes, as well as a search bar and settings. Selecting one of the note types brings users to a text box for typing out content and adding media.

After typing out any text/adding media, Omni Notes gives users the option to add any sort of file type as an attachment similar to adding one to an e-mail. It allows for users to create a category or add the note to an existing category, to tag the note for organization, to share the note to various social media, or to transform the note into a checklist and vice versa.

Finished notes are autosaved to the front page. They can be conveniently dragged up and down and sorted by title, by creation date, by modification date, or by reminder date. Each note also has a customizable color next to it showcasing which category it is in. The search function allows users to filter through their notes based on tags or keywords.

Omni Notes settings are categorized into Data, Interface, Navigation, Behaviors, Notifications, and Privacy sections. The Data sections features syncing and backup options as well as a tool for importing notes from Springpad. Interface provides some personalized settings such as text size, language, color scheme, attachment location, and a few other changes.

Navigation allows users to customize how the apps menus are laid out, examples including what happens when the back button is pressed or if a “non-categorized” section is shown or not. Behaviors includes some useful customizable functions such as swiping to send notes to the trash or automatically including location in new notes.

Notification settings are standard-fare, options for vibration with a notification as well as ringtone settings. The Privacy section houses data sending settings and error reports. Omni Notes also provides users the option to opt into a beta test through Google+, as well as an online manual and an app tour.

For the time being, Omni Notes has this mobile app for Android. The desktop version is still under development, a couple of preview builds have already been released here. A preview version will be released soon to allow users to test and report bugs. The sync functionality has not been implemented yet, and for now syncing works through a third-party app, which will be fixed over time.

Omni Notes is still in it’s early stages, though we believe it has a lot of potential. It’s categorization tools are powerful and the app flows well. With the photo integration and quick organization, this app could prove useful for reporters, real estate, and even law enforcement among other professions. Also, it’s ad-free!

Any questions about the use or installation you can post in comments, or on our Facebook page.


  • Great app-design – flows well
  • Instant categorization
  • Set of good widgets
  • No ads

– Download Omni Notes from Google Play
– Omni Notes community page
– Follow the multi platform app development on Github and Waffle
– The developer welcomes translators via the projects page on Crowdin


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