Radionomy – A free radio app to change your music experience

Radionomy is a surprisingly pleasing music radio app streaming thousands of online stations for free, and much more.

From the Belgium makers of Winamp and SHOUTcast -the software for streaming media over the internet- Radionomy is a cross-platform radio app serving you almost 70,000 stations to stream on mobile and PC. It’s also an innovative broadcasting platform where you can create your own radio channel for free, without worrying about copyrights. Today we review the mobile steaming app.

Most channels are privately broadcasted by professionals and music enthusiasts, beside it does hosts some public AM & FM channels such as BBC Radio. But the main treat is music.

Launching the app throws you right into the list of featured stations. Selecting one brings the user directly to it, as well as a description of the station and which genres are applicable. Then there is the “Last tracklist played” section, which shows the current song and previously played songs. Each of which can be shared to your choice of service, searched on the Google Play for purchase or searched on the web. There’s also a link to the station website, as well as similar stations, and top trending artists on the selected station. Stations can be added to your Favorites list if you have created a free account through e-mail or Facebook. Favorites are synced across your devices and the web version.

The best part is hidden under the magnifier icon… Click on it and feast your ears on 15 genres of music, subdivided into an impressive list of sub-genres, some of which you might have never heard of. You just discovered the secret of Radionomy! Enjoy browsing and discovering the stations of your taste, or use the fast search function which works great! Search by genre, station name, artist etc.

The user interface is entirely passable, with little-to no menu digging – the best kind of design if you ask me. A beautiful typeface showcasing the title in white with a blue background at the top. The featured and favorites sections make up the front of Radionomy, as well as a sidebar that houses your account and app info. Overall, Radionomy is a simply and sweet radio streaming app for music lovers. Hardly any other music app out there can touch it due to the sheer variety of stations and genres it has. Your search for the best music app ends now.

The app is temporarily not available on Google Play due to a copyrights dispute with Sony music, after which it was removed from the Play store, below you find a link to the official APK on Mediafire. If you have any questions or remarks, leave as comment below or on our Facebook page.


  • Decent UI
  • Incredible search
  • Impressive category index
  • Free to host and listen
  • Useful sharing options


  • Audio ads which may be intrusive, but not always
  • The sharing links may cause a crash
  • Switching stations fast may cause a crash
  • Offline stations show up in the listing

You find the latest Android version here

And the iTunes version here

Then there’s the web app

For information about broadcasting, check out the user forums

Radionomy on Facebook


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