Screenit Screenshot – Capture and Edit Screenshots Instantly

Screenit Screenshot allows users to capture their screen and instantly edit their photos via the in-app editor.

Screenit Screenshot is a well designed app -made in Germany- that allows users to edit their screenshots directly after taking them via it’s built-in editor. After a download of about 18.4 megs, opening Screen It Screenshot for the first time brings up a full tutorial on how to use the app.

After the tutorial, you are brought to the main menu. Here you can enable the app to run in the background, stop the app if it has already been running, or customize the way you want Screen It Screenshot to work on your device.

Once starting capture, Screenit Screenshot will send you to the editor whenever you take a screenshot the manual way by default. Otherwise, the app provides you with a floating green button. Once selected, you are given a few options for Screenit Screenshot to capture your screen. You can tell it to capture the entire screen, create a custom crop, have it capture the full screen aside from the status bar, or have it crop both the status bar and navigation bar out entirely.

The editor has many features that range from your basic (crop, adjustment sliders, text, orientation, etc.) to your more creative ones (stickers, frames, overlays, and even memes), and everything in between for unlimited creativity.

Screenit Screenshot’s settings allow for a lot of customization. You can change it so that there is no floating green circle, change what it does after taking a photo, have the app remember the circle’s position after closing, and a few other options. You then have your general app options like selecting the output folder, notification settings, and haptic feedback selection. Built-in Imgur support also comes with the app, though it is entirely optional.

Though not a free app, Screenit Screenshot allows it’s users a 48 hours free trial with no drawbacks. After this trial, users can buy the app for $1.99 or keep using it for free but with ads, which is inexpensive for what it offers.

Overall, Screenit Screenshot is a great multifunctional screenshot taker and editor with tons of customization options. It constantly runs in the background – taking up little to no extra battery usage from both my testing and through claim of the app itself – and can even be turned on and off through the notification bar. Tested on Samsung Note 4 and also works flawlessly on a Kindle Fire HDX (with Fire Nexus ROM)

Any questions about the use or installation you can post in comments, or on our Facebook page.


  • Runs in the background with no extra battery usage
  • Editor works great
  • Built-in crop settings are a nice touch


  • None found

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