Monday, August 19, 2019

Tag: Save data

YMusic – Same same but different

YMusic, one of our favorite apps -with it’s trademark rocket in space theme- recently got a total makeover, much to the dismay of its...

Friendly for Facebook – Great alternative to the standard Facebook app

Friendly For Facebook is a smaller and feature-heavy alternative to the standard Facebook app. Friendly for Facebook -Android and iPhone- is an American app designed...

NetGuard – A fully-featured Ad-Blocker (Non-Root)

NetGuard allows you to pick which apps have internet access, as well as block ads (GitHub version) on non-rooted phones. Worried about data theft? Is...

FireTube – YouTube background player

  With FireTube you change YouTube into an awesome background player YouTube is a great way to listen music for free, but it brings some disadvantages...