Monday, August 19, 2019

Tag: Utilities

Youwatch YouTube search notifier

Youwatch – enter YouTube search terms and get notified of new videos

Every few hours, Youwatch checks YouTube and notifies you of new videos that match your search query. YouTube is great, but various third-party apps offer...

5 of the Best Weather Apps for Android

There are tons of weather apps on the Play Store of varying quality. We made sure to pick out the best ones for our...

Omni Notes – Solid multifunctional note taking app

Omni Notes is a multifunctional note taking app for Android with a ton of options, including photo and checklist support. At first impression, this Italy-made...

Universal Copy – A device integrated solid screen text copier for Android

Universal Copy allows users to copy any text on their device with customizable trigger options. Universal Copy is a made in France app for Android...

Screenit Screenshot – Capture and Edit Screenshots Instantly

Screenit Screenshot allows users to capture their screen and instantly edit their photos via the in-app editor. Screenit Screenshot is a well designed app -made...