Terrarium TV – Free HD Movies and TV-Shows on your Android

Terrarium TV specializes in streaming HD television to your Android device for free

Note: currently there are no ad-free upgrades available.

Terrarium TV is a good example of a streaming app created by developers who know how to appeal to their users. This is an app that works, and one that is worth your time.

Terrarium does not host their streams, rather it contains links to websites such as SezonlukDizi, Dizimag, TheVideo, ZStream, among others.

Once in the app, navigation is very natural. The user interface is very smooth and simple, yet it does exactly what I need it to and it never gets in the way. Terrarium starts out on the Trending page, giving the user the most popular shows out there for the time being. I can click on “Trending” and get a drop-down box with categories such as Top Rated, Most Played or Most Watched, Airing Today, News Shows, and then a large list of genres as well.

A movies section has also been recently added to Terrarium TV, with a very current selection of films, putting the app much higher on the list of must-haves for content buffs.

When selecting a show or movie, the app features a built-in tomato meter as well as an iMDb rating, a nice feature as the user will never have to leave the app. One can also play the trailer,
read the description, add the listing to their favorites, see recommended similar listings, or play the selection.

The search function works well, though it is a shame that I cannot search within genre or other categories, rather only within television or film sections. This is not a major issue, but it would be nice to have for buffs.

Once the user decides on something to watch, a list of streams will pop up, giving you the resolution, where the stream is coming from, and the size of the file should you choose to download it.

After selecting a stream (and after the occasional full-screen ad), I am given the option to play with or without subtitles, as well as download with or without subtitles. If subtitles is selected, the app will download from the most popular source as to ensure the least room for error for those who need them. Terrarium used to only use MX Player, but has since opened up to allow for any player to be used which is absolutely great.

A rising feature with these sorts of streaming apps is support for Chromecast. This is great as it allows the user to watch their favorite shows and movies with a group on their television or monitor, rather than all gathering around a tiny phone screen. Options are never a bad thing in this case, and it is nice to see these apps supporting new tech.

Overall, Terrarium TV is an up and coming app that is worth your time and storage space. The newest shows and movies are on here, and in stunning quality. The UI is great, and the support for new tech is a nice bonus.

Quick aside – when deciding between this app and ShowBox, another top streaming app, it is important to note these few differences. ShowBox requires an external account for subtitles, whereas Terrarium does not. From my testing, Terrarium also seems to have a better chance for a 1080p stream. ShowBox does have built-in news however as well as a more fleshed out search function. Do with that news what you will! Both apps are great choices for your streaming needs.

Eventual questions about installing and use you can also post as comment below. Enjoy!


  • Great quality streams
  • Subtitles work well
  • Selection is top-notch
  • Bookmarks section
  • Chromecast support


  • Full-Screen ads can be a little too frequent
  • Search function works, but can be too broad

Download the latest version here.

Notes: Few were wondering what is the purpose of the contacts permission, this is needed in case you have paid for the ads removal. This permission is needed to verify your purchase locally.

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