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Whilst on the hunt for brilliant music and movie apps, we found TinyTunes an awesome discovery.

Although it looks very basic -or call it retro- it’s well made and should not be underestimated. TinyTunes is completely free to use and it’s sole purpose is to offer music streaming and downloading. You’re able to search through hundreds of thousands of songs hosted on different servers, which can then be streamed or downloaded to your Android device’s memory. Browse trough various popular top charts, trending artists and genres. TinyTunes let you access enormous music databases. Just type in any name and in seconds you’ll get results, which you can add to a playing queue or create custom playlists. Al you need is internet either Wi-Fi or 3/4G.

In case you need further instructions, check the developers website for more info. We could not find an official Facebook page, but eventual questions about installing and use you can also post as comment below and we are happy to try help you. Enjoy!


  • Search multiple sources simultaneously for MP3s
  • Configure which search engines are used
  • Stream songs directly
  • Download all available songs
  • Build playlists
  • Manage your Android music library
  • Queue and listen to your music
  • Start searches directly from other applications
  • Control your music with Bluetooth and lock screen controls


  • Can be vague or stubborn in responding
  • Not really convenient and logic in use

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