Toonmania – A User-First App Worth Your Time

Toonmania allows you to watch and categorize all of your favorite anime or cartoons in HD for free on your Android.

Looking to get your cartoon fix? Toonmania has you covered. A feature packed app with the latest and most popular anime and cartoons.

Going into Toonmania, it will take you to an empty favorites page. A bit weird at first, since obviously you haven’t favorited anything in-app yet, but a great touch later on once some content has been favorited as it can be easily accessed to continue whenever.

The sidebar is the real place to be in this app. You will see that it is designed to be user-first as the first section is all about you. My favorites, my wishlist, my watchlist, my downloads, my history, and then an updates section that will tell you all of the new episodes added.

Next is the dubbed anime section. This section has all of your favorite anime sorted however you want it, and always in high quality. It starts out in alphabetical order, but has a great search function to quickly jump to any show you may have in mind already. There is also a filter section that will list anime in any genre you select. Feeling an action anime? Check the box and they will come. A nice feature also allows for multiple checks at once for a genre-blending list of content.

A real treat is that you can view the info, add a show to favorites, wishlist, or watchlist, as well as favorite a show all from the content list. No need to go into it and then lose your place when going back to the search list. Quite brilliant honestly. The sidebar also has a “popular” and a “latest” section for quick viewing.

These search functions apply to all of the other categories, which feature normal cartoons and movies. I will add that I wish there was a non-dubbed anime section in order to watch it in it’s original Japanese glory, but that is a minor gripe.

When it comes to actually watching a show, the options are all there and simple to find. After selecting one, Toonmania allows me to then select which episode I want. Here is the great part, I can then select to watch it in an external player (must be downloaded of course), in chrome cast mode, or I can select to download the selected episode. A simply ingenious touch that cuts any crap and puts what you need right in front of you. Yet another example of the user-first atmosphere the app puts forward.

As I always do, I have to touch a bit on the user interface design of the app. I will admit at first that I was really thrown off by the odd bright yellow and the white background combination, but as I kept using the app, I started to really like it. It fits that kind of Japanese anime color scheme. It is also a simple UI. Everything is in the sidebar, and everything that isn’t is very upfront and easy to find. No menu-diving here, folks.

Toonmania is an incredible app. It puts the user first, is designed brilliantly, streams perfectly fine, and has a great selection of shows.

Note: If you are looking for Japanese dubs of anime, be sure to check out Animania, Mangania and Dramania from the same developers. Reviews of these apps are coming soon.


  • User-first UI
  • All information is upfront and clear
  • Search works great and is in-depth
  • Great variety of content
  • ChromeCast/external player/download modus
  • Chatmania chat support

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  1. Hi!
    I just downloaded this app and it seems really cool but I’m struggling with it.
    I can find the shows I want and make it to the point where it asks me to choose an external player, chromecast or download but when I do select one of them nothing happens. The tiny box next to the option shows the tick mark but it just stays that way. I can unselect it, select a different option, select multiple at once even but it shows no sign of progressing past this page.
    Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong or is something wrong with my app?.