Universal Copy – A device integrated solid screen text copier for Android

Universal Copy allows users to copy any text on their device with customizable trigger options.

Universal Copy is a made in France app for Android that allows users to copy text from any app using their device’s Accessibility settings. After the around 1 meg download, Universal Copy takes users directly to their accessibility settings to enable the proper permissions upon launch.

Afterwards, the app lets you customize which button triggers copy mode, allowing for either back, menu, home, volume up, volume down, or completely disabled. There is also the option to have the functionality always available in the notification bar.

Once copy mode is activated, users can either highlight each text they want one-by-one, or they can use the app’s toolbar to do a select all. Universal Copy also features an editor that you can activate by long pressing the text in Universal Copy mode, allowing users to further narrow down their selected block of text.

When all of the desired text is selected, the final step is to hit the copy to clipboard button. From my testing, Universal Copy worked with every app I wanted to use it for – social media apps, music apps, Reddit, Pocket, and more.

Overall, Universal Copy is a solid text copier that will do what you need it to do. It offers trigger customization, an editor, and it integrates directly into your everyday device usage.

Any questions about the use or installation you can post in comments, or on our Facebook page.


  • Works with tons of apps
  • Customizable trigger options
  • Built-in Editor
  • Free as in free with no ads


  • None to be found – the app works great

Universal Copy requires accessibility permissions as well as network permissions. It is a 1.02 mb download and takes up 6.5 mb after installation according to the LG G5 and 5.7 on the SG Note 5 it was tested on.

Download Universal Copy from Google Play


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