Wednesday, October 16, 2019
NEO Bookmarks Manager for Android

NEO Bookmark – Your browser powerhouse

NEO Bookmark is an Android app for sorting bookmarks of your favorite websites, Twitter profiles etc. A very useful app that improves the way...

5 of the Best Image Stitching & Long Screenshot Apps

We took a deep dive into Google Play and tested all the image stitching apps we could find. Inbetween lot's of half baked stuff...

Universal Copy – A device integrated solid screen text copier for Android

Universal Copy allows users to copy any text on their device with customizable trigger options. Universal Copy is a made in France app for Android...

Screenit Screenshot – Capture and Edit Screenshots Instantly

Screenit Screenshot allows users to capture their screen and instantly edit their photos via the in-app editor. Screenit Screenshot is a well designed app -made...