Videoder – The All In One Downloader

Videoder allows for any video or audio file to be downloaded straight to your phone.

In a market now overflowing with video and music ripping apps, Videoder is your answer to both. With the most options and a certain visual charm that other apps seem to lack, I have a hard time imagining anyone going back after experiencing what Videoder packs in it’s 34 megs of goodness.

Right as I launch the app I am thrown into a well designed homescreen that shows me the first – and most popular – six websites I can rip from, with tons more should I need them – fourteen in total! It’s a simple case of intuitive design that should be more of a standard when it comes to app development these days.

Videoder then works very similarly to YouTube’s app. Clicking on one of the site icons takes me to the site with Videoder’s overlay on top – (Quick aside: In my testing, the overlay does not work with SoundCloud for some reason, so I am forced to copy and paste the link from my own usage.) I can then scroll through as I normally would and instantly add any video I see to my download queue, which allows for any quality of video or audio was provided with the upload. From my testing, the download queue holds as many videos as I want it to. I can download them all at once at the same quality, however there is a strange omission in that I cannot change the quality of any individual one. If I have ten videos in my queue, they all have to be downloaded at the same resolution, which isn’t a big deal, but for users who don’t have tons of space or limited data, it would be nice for them to be able to pick and choose which videos get what settings. Once I am ready for download, a nice added touch is that I can accelerate the download with my choice of 1-6 threads.

Videoder also has YouTube’s top categories built in to it’s mainframe. Scrolling past the most popular websites, I am provided with all of the top categories on YouTube such as Music, Science and Technology, Film and Animation, and Sports, among others. If the video I know I want to rip is in any of those top pages, I can do it right then and there. YouTube’s search function is also built-in, so I can do any of my searching in Videoder if needed before downloading.

While all of this support for YouTube is built right in, it’s kind of a shame none of that support carries over to any other apps. Since every other app is reached externally, it can start to become taxing for your mobile device to constantly be opening and closing all of these different programs. Hopefully in future updates, more of these services will see that sort of care put into them.

I noticed very little slow-down in my usage with Videoder. I am on an LG G5 running Android 6.0.1. and everything was working fairly flawlessly. I encountered no errors in my downloading whether it be audio or video, and watching videos through the app worked like a charm.

Overall, Videoder is a brilliant alternative to any music or video downloader you are currently using. With in-app support for YouTube, overlay support for many of the biggest apps, as well as a queue that simply works, there really isn’t much to be missed. Hopefully that support will continue to other apps, and that the SoundCloud issue gets fixed soon.

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  • Brilliant app design
  • Great in-app support for YouTube
  • Unlimited options in queue


  • SoundCloud overlay does not work
  • Lack of individual resolution settings for queue
  • No in-app support for any other apps

Download link on the official Videoder website.
Facebook page. Eventual questions regarding installing and use you can also post as comment below. Enjoy!

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