Videoder – Versatile Audio Video Downloader for Android

Videoder downloader for Android is a versatile download tool, not only for YouTube, Vimeo, and similar platforms, but for web-embedded videos and SoundCloud audio tracks.

What makes Videoder special?

It’s a brilliant downloader. Downloaders are, at the heart of it all, meant to download, and this is where most of the competition get it wrong. Videoder keeps the focus on the downloading, with other features being very much on the side.

While there’s an obvious bias towards catering for YouTube, downloading videos and audios from other sources are just as stress-free, with a scope ranging from sources like Facebook and Vimeo to more…unscrupulous content hosts.

What does it do?

The app opens to a clean, red material UI, with a homepage displaying links to Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, and a host of other sites for easy access. Scrolling down sorts videos by categories and trends. Settings, on the sidebar, allows you to change app language, theme, download location, auto-resume, and a host of options that makes your experience a step more convenient.

Downloading is what this app excels at, and it does so with a smile and a spring in its step. Opening any of the many YouTube videos in the app’s homepage leads us to a simple page where you can opt to stream the video – with options for various resolutions ranging from 144p to 1080p depending on the video. Below that, there are options to download in either audio or video, with corresponding bit rates and resolutions.

Clicking on download allows you to set your preferred location to any directory in either your device’s internal memory or SD, a feature surprisingly rarer than one would expect. After downloading a video there’s an option to convert to audio which goes the roundabout way of seemingly downloading the audio file instead of converting the already downloaded video to mp3.

One thing missing is natural YouTube sync, which may either be a good or bad thing depending on who you ask. You can watch or download videos but can’t interact in any other way such as like, comment etc. without opening the YouTube website, that is.

That, of course, is to be expected; this app never makes any pretenses at being a YouTube substitute, impressive stream features aside. It’s a web video ripper, and an exceptional one at that. If you’re in need of something with YouTube integration, SnapTube is a fine alternative, albeit one with poor streaming capabilities.


  • Clean UI
  • Easy access to download location
  • Wide range of supported sources and resolutions
  • Sorts by category on homepage


  • No natural Youtube integration
  • Audio conversion feature needs some work


At the risk of sounding like excited schoolboys, we must declare Videoder an awesome app. It downloads from a wide range of sites—efficiently and without a hassle. The UI is clean, and there are options to enhance usability.
Videoder official website

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