Bukanir – Torrent video player


Bukanir plays movies and TV shows on your Android using torrent magnets.

This alternative to PopcornTime for Android devices is getting more attention because of its flawless performance, very clean and organized flat design and easy navigating. Beside that it shows a good selection of movies and TV shows, it’s also a movie torrent search engine. Bukanir supports larger screen sizes: you can choose from normal and high resolution sources. This app makes subtitle searching and decoding easier because this feature is integrated within the app. An option to set extra large subtitles makes this the best app for people with lower vision.

Although not a very active community, Bukanir does have a Facebook page you can check it here. For questions regarding installation or use of this app, feel free to use the comment section below.


  • High-end display support
  • Auto-file deletion optional
  • Also supports lower Android versions
  • Free without advertisements
  • Set download and upload rate
  • Supports encryption to avoid ISP block
  • Set subtitle font size
  • Mark movies and TV shows as favorite


  • No Chromecast support


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