Youwatch – enter YouTube search terms and get notified of new videos

Every few hours, Youwatch checks YouTube and notifies you of new videos that match your search query.

youwatch youtube search result notifications

YouTube is great, but various third-party apps offer functionality that YouTube is clearly missing. Youwatch is one of them and it was launched yesterday. This unique app allows you to enter search terms with minimum numbers of views, and sends a notification when a new video match your search query. Its user interface is very sparse, and it has minimal functionality for the time being. However, the app’s creator has plans to release further updates adding email notifications, social media integration and notifications for websites such as Tumblr and Reddit, and more filters like limiting the topic to certain channels.

Youwatch is free and without ads, since the creator is currently a high school student, and money is not his biggest priority right now. Ofcourse he may decide to monetize it later by offering a paid pro version with no ads or with more features. There are also plans to open source it.

It’s always refreshing to see young people taking an interest in coding. Given the sheer number of platforms, languages, and tutorials available, it’s no longer necessary to have a university degree to get started with apps development – all you need is passion, free time, and the desire to learn. Youwatch may be this developer’s first app, but if he continues on the same path, he may have a very exciting future ahead of him.

When the app gets new features, ofcourse DroidAdvisor will keep you informed. Get Youwatch on Google Play. Any questions or suggestions for the developer you can post below. Enjoy!

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